Creative Power Writing™

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Creative Power Writing

combines both for maximum impact!

Creative Writers!

Master rhetorical devices and voice techniques. Add the power for your message to resonate.

Let me show you how powerful you are!

Creative techniques such as metaphor forge an emotional connection between you and your reader.

Power techniques such as the Rule of Three replace ordinary statements with unforgettable clarion calls.                                                              

Creative Power Writing is for all types of writers--including you!

Technical and Academic Writers!

Energize and transform your message. Turn casual readers into partners passionate about helping you achieve your action goals.

Let me show you how easy it is!

Business writing doesn't need to be dry and boring, and creative writing can be a powerful agent of change. Each can benefit from the other's techniques.

Let me show you how!

Energize and transform your message! Email

What is Creative Power Writing?

Creative Power Writing transforms how you deliver your message. It gives you the formula for success-- combining creative techniques that touch readers' hearts and power techniques that tattoo your words on their minds.

Is your writing doing the job? Does it inspire your readers? Does it spur them to act--- with outcomes that help you achieve your goals?

Write thank you letters that turn donors into lifelong benefactors...

Create newsletters that readers eagerly await...

Leverage language secrets to move your readers to __________ (insert

desired action: e.g., join, donate, buy, attend, call, contract, advocate…)

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