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Very apparent throughout the class was the instructor's passion for imaginative writing, her particular interest in memoir, which she has written, and her own background and experience as a creative writer. An adept and  thoughtful teacher, at once kind and patient, Professor Robinson appears to relate deeply to her students, and draw from them sincere and authentic efforts. It appeared to this observer that students trust Professor Robinson with their stories, which are, inevitably, profoundly connected to their own lived lives. This kind of trust is one of the most important achievements of the creative writing teacher.

                                                          --Julia Chang

                                                                          Professor, Rowan University

I was so completely excited that you can make such a wonderful cover letter that is so purposeful and to the point...I am so very impressed with your wording...With something like this, I am sure that anybody would hire him.

                                                                           --Jeanne R

Professor Robinson was my most helpful professor here at Rowan to date. She CARES about her students and will spend quite a lot of time helping us revise our writing. I learned so much from her and know I will carry the techniques she taught with me for the rest of my life. She is a true example of what a professor should be. I highly recommend her.

                                                                           --from a student course evaluation

I am sitting here crying after reading your feedback on my last structure poem.

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been in your class this semester. I have learned so much from this course, but I am much happier that I had the opportunity to meet you. 

Our first class in January was cancelled and I remember you posting a video on blackboard so that we would have the opportunity to meet you. I didn't know then that you would become my favorite professor at Rowan University.

You have such a huge heart and passion for writing and your students. The time that you took to read and analyze all of our work so that we would become the best writers possible by the end of the semester was very much appreciated. All of your kind words to me were appreciated much more.

                                                                           --Kelsey F

I am a songwriter, so learning about how to make my work more creative has given me a boost in confidence. I hope to make it musically, and now that I know how to write creatively, I think I have a better chance.

                                                                         --from a student course evaluation

I have worked with Susan on two projects. She participated in creating and facilitating a departmental retreat for one of our communications units and designed and delivered a department-wide workshop. In both instances it was a pleasure to work with her. The educational objectives were met, her ideas were innovative and the participants were engaged. I recommend connecting with her to talk about training and development needs for your communications staff.                              


for Susan Robinson

This was the best teacher I have had at Wilmington University. Very hands on, inspiring and responsive to any concerns. I’ve taken over 10 on−line classes and this teacher was the best I have ever worked with. Very reachable and responsive which for an on−line class is very important.

               --from a student course evaluation

I got published in Sphere Literary Magazine again!

          --Natalie B

Thank you for your encouraging words. This class was a wonderful experience. Your feedback and support has been an incredible motivator!

Thank you again for all of the time you've taken in giving me feedback with my work. I loved this class & I learned so much!

                         --Atla W

--Katherine Lowe Urban

Director, Professional Development and Recruitment at the University of Pennsylvania

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My work for the U.S. Department of State requires excellent communication skills. Face-to-face is my forte, but Susan is my go-to for formal writing. She wrote my acceptance speech for a director's posting with the Agency for International Development, edited a performance evaluation, prepared my C.V., and wrote my biography. In each case, my expectations were exceeded. Susan brings creative ideas to each project and varies her style as needed so her writing is always fresh and engaging. You will be pleased with the skills and professionalism Susan brings to your next writing project.


--Suzanne Olds

M and E Advisor,

U.S. Agency for International Development

Many thanks to my editor, Susan Robinson. Words cannot begin to describe what a gift and blessing she has been in my life. It was no easy task to take this jumble of channeled writing and create a cohesive body of work that would contribute meaningfully to the world and be of service of others. While working her magic on this manuscript, she spent countless hours offering professional and personal guidance, counsel, love, and support. My gratitude for her generosity with her time and wisdom spans far and wide.

                                                 --Michelle D McCann

                                                Author and Divine Channel